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Your Customers Are Online Now… Searching… Buying. Want Them On Your Website?  I Can Help You With That! 

Can Customers Find Your Website When Searching On Google? Or do you have to pay advertising dollars to put your website in front of prospects? If people are using search engines like Google to find products, services, or information that is available on your site, and you are not ranked on page one for relevant searches, then It’s A Fact That SEO work done right means you will get found more often. Do it right and you will be found by people who are researching or ‘in market’ for the products, services, or information you can provide.

There are not too many “Can’t Fail” propositions in business that are true. When somebody says something can’t fail, it is not usually true.  But it’s a fact that SEO work can get more visitors to your website. SEO work starts with determining what your prospects are actually typing into their computer or phone when searching.  These “Natural Search Phrases” or “Organic Search Phrases” are the ones to target with SEO.By studying search phrase volume and identifying which search phrases signal a searcher in research mode and which keywords signal a searcher in buying mode, I can help you select the best SEO Keywords to advance YOUR BUSINESS GOALS. I will optimize site architecture, menus, metadata, meta tags, and content like images and words so the Search Engines know who to send to your website!

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